Top 5 Cities to Visit on a Motorcycle in Quebec

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Crossing Quebec by motorcycle has become increasingly popular throughout the years. The scenery of the province can be enjoyed in the peak summer months. Depending on the location of the trip, the scenery can change from rocky coastlines to flat farm land. Once outside of the larger cities of Quebec City and Montreal, many roads are cleared of traffic, letting a motorcyclists roam free.


Traveling along route 364, Saint-Sauveur is known for their ski resorts and its closeness to Montreal. This allows for a motorcycle to remain close to a large municipal area but stay far away from heavy traffic at the same time. This city is one of the most visited cities along Route 364 in Quebec. Many people that are riding motorcycles do not go to this place to ski. They go to see the beauty that Saint-Sauveur holds and the natural landscape of the area.


At the other end of Route 364 is the township of Amherst. This is not a large place and the population is low, compared to most places. With less than 2,000 people living in the township, Amherst allows a motorcyclist to see the beauty of Quebec. Amherst is the end of Route 364, so when motorcyclists reach it they travel another route to change the scenery that they are seeing of Quebec. This can be along the Route 323 or a different route leading out of town.


Traveling along the North Shore and the St. Lawrence River, tourists can see the natural and impressive qualities of the landscape. Located on one of the most spectacular routes to travel, this route has mountains to one side and the St. Lawrence River on the other. On Route 362, from Baie-Saint-Paul to La Malbaie, the villages that number the road are spectacular delights and provide rest and relaxation while seeing the sights of the province while traveling on a motorcycle.


Located 75 miles east of the city of Montreal, Magog is a destination for many motorcyclists. With over 20,000 people, the city is not small, but not large. This creates a top destination for people who want to see Quebec but not the two largest cities. Magog has many roads and routes that lead into it. This gives the motorcyclists a chance to chose their destination and how to reach it. People riding on their motorcycle often stop at Mount Orford for picture opportunities while they continue their journey.


A small village located where the St. Lawrence River and Lake Saint-Louis meet, Pointe-des-Cascades has many points of interests for motorcyclists. Cascades are formed where these two bodies of water meet, making it a tourist destination for people who enjoy natural wonders. Traveling by motorcycle, a person can see the marvelous views of this area while taking a trip with their beloved motorcycle.

There are many routes a motorcyclist can travel while touring Quebec. The landscape along some of these routes provides scenic views that are one of a kind. Not many places can offer you a road to travel that allows you to view mountains on one side and a river on the other. Quebec is full of absolutely beautiful scenery. Seeing this landscape on a motorcycle makes the fresh air taste that much better when driving down the road.

The United States: Traveling Guide to DC

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Guide to DC

If you and your family are looking for a fun family vacation there is nowhere better than the United States of America. You have fifty-two states to choose from. If you are looking to travel to United States there is no better State to visit than Washington D.C.

In Washington you can learn about the Presidents, and the history of the United States. Plus you can visit the White House where the great President of the United States currently resides.

Attractions in Washington, D.C

One great thing about visiting Washington D.C. is that they offer at least fifty free attractions. One of these is the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. This memorial honors federal, state and local law enforcers for their dedication and sacrifice. The memorial is a bronze sculpture depicting a series of adult lions protecting its cubs, symbolizing the protective role of law enforcement officers. Blue-gray marble walls hold the names of more than seventeen thousand and five hundred officers who have been killed in the line of duty (dating back to seventeen ninety two).

washington DC Attractions

Another free attraction is The National Zoo. This Zoo is one of the most kid friendly places to visit in the great state of Washington D.C. There are more than four hundred different types of animals to see. The National Zoo is a part of the Smithsonian Institution. The admission is free, but there is a cost for parking. Where else in the world where can visit a zoo for free? Visiting the Zoo requires a lot of walking so you should pay close attention to the weather, and dress as needed. Weekdays are usually less crowded than the weekends, and fall and winter are less crowded than the summer or spring.

You can also see the Washington Monument, The White House, The Air Force Memorial, and the Botanic Gardens. And keep in mind all of these are free.

Guide To Planning A Vacation To The Buckeye State

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Planning Vacation Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio is a very popular tourist destination because it is one of the largest cities within the United States. They also have one of the best public transportation systems of all times, the SORTA Metro bus lines. This provides much needed transportation for tourist and allows you to travel all over Cincinnati and the surrounding cities.

Theme Park

Everyone that visits Ohio must spend a day at the very popular tourist destination, Kings Island. It is location in Mason and is only about twenty miles from Cincinnati. This theme park is one of the greatest of all times and provides the much family entertainment for everyone that visits it. You will have to test your courage on the record holding coaster, The Beast. If you still have the nerve left to challenge yourself again be sure to hop aboard the longest wooden coaster and hold on tight for a bumpy ride.

Ohio Theme Park


The locals love to entertain the tourist by having festivals throughout the spring and summer months. You will be given a lesson on the Ohioan culture and history. The Appalachian Festival and Oktoberfest is two of the most popular and they draw a combined total of around six hundred thousand tourist a year.

Sports Venue

A ticket is in order for you to visit the Riverfront Stadium so that you can watch America’s favorite baseball team, Cincinnati Reds, in action. Do not forget about the NFL team, Cincinnati Bengals, because they also offer a lot of football entertainment for everyone.

Cincinnati Reds


Cincinnati, Ohio has a large array of museums that the entire family can enjoy and learn from. The bus lines offer cheap transportation to and from the popular tourist sites all day long. Be sure to check out the beautiful architecture on the religious temples and cathedrals.

Tips On Traveling To The American South

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Traveling American South

Atlanta, Georgia is located in the southern part of the United States. It has a lot to offer foreign and national tourist because it has mountains, lakes, big city, and forests that everyone in your family will love and enjoy.


If you are planning a trip to Georgia be prepared for the different types of weather that the locals have become accustomed to. There are four seasons but the spring and fall are the most favorable time of the year to visit this wonderful area. Do not be surprised to see some snowy and icy precipitation if you are visiting during the winter months. Summers are very hot and humid making visitors that are unaccustomed to high temperatures and high humidity very uncomfortable during their stay in the Georgian state.

American South Weather


The Grant Park is one of the oldest and most popular parks in Atlanta. It contains a zoo and the Oakland Cemetery where you will find the graves of nearly four thousand confederate soldiers. If you plan to visit this bustling city during the spring season be sure to schedule a visit to the Piedmont Park. The locals love to show off their musical talent during the Dogwood Festival, which is held here at this time of year. Learn about the southern culture and be sure take a handcrafted souvenir home with your.


There are many museums that you should be sure to visit. One of the most popular is the Jimmy Carter Library And Museum, which contains artifacts and the history of the former presidents of the United States. This is a must see and you will be given a tour by a very professional and educated guide. Learn about the culture and history of Atlanta by visiting the Atlanta Monetary Museum and the Margaret Mitchell House.

American South Museums